Amara | One Year + Cake Smash Session | Laurenda Marie Photography | Grand Rapids, MI

Ohhh sweet, sweet Amara. Mommy and Daddy are in trouble with you! First, can we talk about how I  just photographed you inside your Mama's belly what seems like a month ago? And how I saw you shortly after all swaddled up for your newborn lifestyle session? But I blinked, and now you're 1!

Amara's Mom and I have known each other since childhood. She's my sisters best friend, and I've loved watching her family grow with the addition of baby Amara. She's the perfect mix of sweet and sassy, and quite lucky to have such amazing parents that love her so dearly!

We had a fun one year + cake smash session in studio to commemorate her milestone. Amara was so dainty with her cake (and a bit unsure), so Dad had to step in and give her a real piece to try! Speaking of her cake, isn't it gorgeous?! Amara's Mama made it herself! 

So without further ado...