Stunning Country Club Wedding | Heather + Adam | Kalamazoo, Michigan

Heather + Adam

Stunning Country Club Wedding in Kalamazoo Michigan | West Michigan Wedding Photography | Classic Black and White

The wedding of Heather & Adam is one I’ll have fond memories of for a lifetime. These two are truly exceptional humans in every way, and I felt so honored to not only get to witness, but forever freeze their unity in time.

I initially met Heather & Adam for coffee to discuss all things wedding, and it was shortly after that they secured me for their day! We had a beautiful Spring engagement session full of cherry blossoms and golden sunlight, and just months later on a mild summer day, we met again for their wedding. The day began cloudy and overcast, but things turned around quickly and the sun popped through giving us a gorgeous glow. There are so many moments that stick out, but I especially loved the traditional Lebanese dance that all the family, friends, and guests participated in. It was truly a celebration of two different cultures uniting as one.

Before we get to ALLLL the pretty (and let me tell you, it’s pretty!!!), I wanted to share their love story as told by Heather! Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions for our readers!

Q. How did you two meet?

We met in 2011 as students at Hope College during a picnic hosted by the Admissions Office, which we both worked for at the time. I saw Adam from across the pavilion and thought he was handsome, so I decided to go sit by him during the picnic lunch, and he struck up a conversation. Neither of us had initially really wanted to go to the picnic because we thought it would be a cheesy "meet and greet" type event, but looking back, we are both sure glad that we did!

Q. Was it love at first site?

We both were attracted to each other from the beginning, but I definitely did not let Adam know this for a while. I was hesitant to commit or move too fast, as I was only a sophomore in college and Adam was 2 years older. Therefore, despite going on multiple dates, he was still pretty much convinced that I only wanted to be friends. Fortunately he was quite persistent and had not given up by the time I finally let him know I reciprocated his feelings, and the rest is history.

Q. How did he propose?

The day I moved into my new apartment in Kalamazoo, Adam took me on a special date re-living a lot of our earliest memories around Hope College and Holland. We went to the park where we met during the Hope Admissions picnic, a restaurant where we had our first date, a sand dune where we had our first kiss, and then proposed as I entered my new apartment, which he had filled with dozens of roses, candles, and photos of hundreds of our memories together over the past 7 years.

Q. Tell me about your vision and style for your wedding?

If I had to describe my theme or vision for our wedding I suppose it would be romantic and elegant. The most important thing to us, however, was having our closest friends and family there celebrating with us and having a great time together!

Q. What’s your best advice for a newly engaged bride diving into planning her own wedding?

Take it one step at a time and enjoy the process! It truly is an incredible journey!

Photographer: Laurenda Marie Photography
Assistant Photographer: Luella & Lee Photography
Videography: SJK Productions
Gown: Kenneth Winston
Bridesmaids Dresses: Kennedy Blue
Rings: Chicago Diamond Center
Hair & Make-Up: Freedom Styling Salon
Tux: Wilke Rodriguez
Floral: Dorothy’s Floral Studio
Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church of Kalamazoo
Reception: Kalamazoo Country Club
DJ: Chris Campbell
Cake: The Victorian Bakery

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