Romantic Surprise Proposal at Lake Michigan | Brooke + Drew | Grand Haven, Michigan

Romantic Surprise Proposal on Lake Michigan

Brooke + Drew

A surprise proposal on the beach in Grand Haven?! Why yes, I’d love to photograph that! I’m not the best at keeping secrets but this was a fun one to be a part of! My modeling agency contacted me asking if I’d like to be a part of this surprise proposal for another model with the agency, and of course I had to be there! I love, love!

Brooke thought she was just on another assignment - a promotional photoshoot for Notos at the Bil-Mar, a new restaurant that just opened up on the beach in Grand Haven. I was the first to arrive. Brooke arrived shortly after, wardrobe in hand, ready for her gig to start. We chitchatted and I immediately LOVED her. So warm and sweet. She had her hair & make-up touched up, changed into a pink floral dress, and out we went to the beach to get started. The fog was THICK. It had rained earlier in the day and the chance of rain was still threatening us. Brooke’s boyfriend Drew had plans to sky dive into the beach, which is common in this area. It would have been his first time. Derailed by the heavy fog, plans changed last minute. As I was directing Brooke on the shoreline, Notos in the background, I see Drew stroll into the top left corner of my viewfinder, a bouquet of flowers in hand. He’s about 20 feet from Brooke, who is still posing beautifully for my camera and totally clueless to the fact that her boyfriend is just steps away, ring on board. Oh, and her entire family is eagerly watching from the balcony behind.

I try to act casual as I continue to direct and shoot, but my heart starts to race because I am giddy with excitement. It’s happening. In moments she’s going to turn around and share a moment with her boyfriend that will be life altering and I get to be here with my big girl camera to capture it all. Eeeeeek! I am likely smiling much much bigger than I should during a “promotional shoot for a restaurant”, but Brooke’s a good distance in front of me and probably doesn’t notice. And then he’s there, directly behind her and she turns around. Ahhhhh yes! Her reaction is magic. I don’t know if I should cry or laugh or jump up and down but it all starts happening so fast I just tell myself to focus, literally, (with my camera, haha) and figuratively. I race around them to catch different angles and reactions. He’s down on one knee! She says yes, yay! They stand up and hug and kiss while the family cheers from afar. Oh goodness, how sweet it was. The end. But really, it’s just their beginning.

Hope you enjoy these highlights from their magical engagement.

Special thanks to Vonda with Unique Models & Talent, Amy with Contempo Salon, Notos at the Bil-Mar, Brooke, Drew, and all the family involved in planning and secret keeping!! Great work everyone!