Josie | 7 Months | Laurenda Marie Photography | Grand Rapids, MI

I just adore photographing children. All children. I especially adore babies between the ages of 6 months and 1 year. This is the time when they start to become very expressive. Their chubby cheek grins and tiny giggles. Their bright eyes and curiosity for everything. Their perfectly pale skin and wispy sprouts of hair. And the best part? They're not quick enough to escape me yet! They mostly sit...maybe some crawling, and a few wobbly steps closer to 1 year. It's perfection, all of it. 

So this is Josie. Her Mom booked me on a referral, and I couldn't be happier we crossed paths! We used a natural light studio I rent in Grand Rapids, and the lighting that morning was definitely on our side!

Disclaimer: A lot of cuteness lies ahead. Prepare to smile, swoon, and yearn to have all of the babies...