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Bridal party gift | DIY Gift Basket | Homemade Lemon Bars | Homemade Bath Bombs

Helloooo! I am so excited to bring you this blog post today, officially tying together my previous two DIY Bride posts; Lemon Bars and Lavender Bath Bombs! If you haven't tried those out yet, do it! Those bars are tasty and who doesn't want to relax in the bath with a lavender bomb and some bubbly!?

This series was all about your bridal party! Remember to treat your squad! Your ladies play an important role in your day and act as a strong support system through all of the fun and emotions! They fluff your dress, calm your nerves, make you laugh, and remind you to relax and enjoy the day. I love this DIY Gift Basket put together by Melissa from Forever and a Day Events because it's 1) Yummy 2) Unique & Creative and 3) Thoughtful! Your gals will be seriously impressed by the time you took to make and assemble these gifts - and they're practical too!

Before you begin assembly, you'll first need to make the bath bombs and lemon bars. Here are those links again, in case you missed them!

For the gift tag, Melissa used colored card stock paper and bought some fun hair ties to incorporate! Cute and practical for those messy buns!

Other materials needed: empty shoe box, fun wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, mini champagne bottles, and paper shred. Assemble box as shown below and deliver to your ladies! Incorporating your wedding colors into the gift wrap, paper shred, or ribbon would be a stylish way to pull it all together!