Alisha + Stella | Mommy & Me Lifestyle | Laurenda Marie Photography | Rockford, MI

I started off 2017 with a session for me! Sometimes you need to take a step back, and do a session that gets all those creative juices flowing.

The concept I had in mind was a simple and cozy, mommy & me lifestyle session. I envisioned just mama and baby in a casual comfy setting. Sweaters, pjs, leggings, know...being all cute and lovey dovey with each other. Like a little slumber party. :)

With it being so cold and gray outside, I was definitely craving this indoor snuggle sesh, and excited to see it come to fruition! So, I enlisted some of the worlds most beautiful models {my sister Alisha and niece Stella}, and it was all magic from there. 

I mean, Stella and her one dimple. C'mon already...

It's safe to say they executed my vision perfectly. <3